30 Days to Challenge your depression!

30 Day Depression Challenge!!!  Depression can take over your life and make you feel out of control, Follow these guidelines for 30 days to a Happier Life:) To begin, Scale your depression 1 (worst) and 10 (how you want to feel). Think about the last 2 weeks, what number would you give your depression? First Step! Make sure you see your PCP for physical and blood tests to assure that nothing physically is causing the depression. If all tests confirm you are physically healthy, then begin:
  • Take your medications and vitamins daily
  • Eat healthy daily: it’s extremely important that your body is healthy to be able to handle your mind’s depression. Also drink tons of water.
  • Have your environment clean and organized; the space you occupy the most should be free of garbage and debris. Your mind will ‘breathe’ with clean space.
  • At least 3’x a week workout for 45-60mins (a hard, full workout)
  • Set daily Goals, each morning set a attainable goal for the day. “Today I will get the dishes washed” “Today I will go for a 20min walk” …..
  • 3x a week use a form of art to express your sadness (such as poems, artwork or letters to your depression) To begin: close your eyes and think of the sadness that invades your body. Then begin to imagine “if my sadness could talk it would say….” “If my sadness came out of my body it would look like….”
  • Color; use adult coloring books at least 2-3times a week
  • Hugs daily. Give and receive hugs daily.
  • Before making ANY choices or decisions, fast-forward in your mind “where will this decision take me? Benefit or consequence to my life.” “Helpful or Hurtful?”
  • Do something nice for someone, Daily!!!
  • Only surround yourself with happy, healthy positive people
  • Keep up weekly sessions with therapist, meetings, psychiatrist (monthly), any and all important dates.
  • Daily: Journal, Journal, Journal! Therapeutic journals are like vomiting on paper. It’s important that you write down ALL your crazy emotions and thoughts. Sometimes it better to journal right before you go to bed, since the mind races the most at night journaling helps to stop the race. Note: do not re-read your journal, it causes our minds to pick up those sad emotions back off the pages. It’s best you write a ton then throw the pages away.
  • Sleep at least 5-8hrs nightly!! After dealing with depression all day our minds and bodies need to rest. It is proven that the lack of sleep can actually make us more depressed:(
  • Talk Talk Talk… It’s important to use your support system daily.
  • Get up every morning and start the day as if you are going on a date! How do you get ready for a very special date?? Shower, brush teeth, style hair, wear nice clothes, cologne, etc… Even if you aren’t going anywhere, it’s very important that you are ready to go if needed. When depression hits we tend to lay around, sleep more, and stay in our pajamas. Then when the opportunity comes along to get out of the house it seems like a overwhelming task to get ready. Yet if you are ready to go when you can immediately jumped on the opportunity.
  • Meditation and/or yoga are done at least 4x a week. This can be 10mins or up to 1hr each time. It’s a time where you calm your mind and solely focus on what is happening in the present. Using all five of your senses to stay in the present with your body and mind. Do not focus on the past or the future.
  • Music, listen to positive uplifting music daily!!
Then, track each day with scaling a number on how you would rate the depression.
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